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Let's not beat around the bush.As real estate agents, you thrive on the excitement of closing deals, but the truth is, that can be a painful way to make a living.You're tired of being at the mercy of the fickle market, relying on commissions for your livelihood... especially as the future of the market is filled with uncertainties.You're ready to add a new stream of revenue to your real estate business - in particular, one that is not beholden to market fluctuations and that takes advantage of your network, expertise, and determination to make it happen.But make no mistake, you're not talking about getting bogged down in minutia, you're talking about leveraging your existing skills and resources to create a new reality for yourself. A reality where your income is not just dependent on the next sale, but on a steady flow of predictable, recurring revenue.Are you ready to start your quest for financial freedom?Are you ready to take control of your income and create a new reality for yourself?If so, read on.

Toilets, Termites, & Tenants

Everything you know about Property Management is Wrong

Let us speak of a time long past, when the mere mention of property management sent shivers down the spines of real estate agents.A time when the words 'toilets, termites, and tenants' were synonymous with the very concept of residential property management.But, I ask you, is that the world we live in today?NO, it is not!For you see, my friends, the world has changed. The advent of things like specialized software, virtual assistants, and robust virtual systems has given rise to a new era of property management.According to the National Association of Property Managers, profits are soaring to dizzying heights, with top property managers earning over 30% AFTER paying an operator.An era where ownership can supervise their company's health from the palm of their hand, with the power to run an incredible business from their phone.And, my dear friends, this era has created a massive opportunity for real estate agents to quickly and easily launch their own property management companies.So, I ask you, are you ready to seize this opportunity?Are you ready to start building the business of your dreams?The time is now, friends. The time is NOW!

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

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I think I'm in love

Why Real Estate Agents Love Property Management

Imagine a business model that offers contractual recurring revenue, a loyal client base, requires no inventory, no accounts receivable, and minimal capital expenses.Imagine a business that not only weathers a weak real estate market, but thrives in it.Welcome to the world of property management.This is the ultimate launchpad for taking your real estate career to new heights, with a steady cashflow that leaves traditional real estate sales in the dust.And the cherry on top?Property management crushes during weak real estate market conditions.So why not make the smart move and start building your property management empire today?

Fellow real estate agents, I stand before you today with a mission.A mission to share with you the world-class operating model of Mr. Peter Lohmann.A model that has been honed and refined over a decade of trial and error, and one that has led to the creation of a property management empire.But, I ask you, what does this mean for YOU?It means access to a massive resource library, filled with hundreds of step-by-step playbooks, vendor lists, software guides, videos, templates, and more. All designed to help you launch your property management business faster and easier.It means the opportunity to take advantage of done-for-you services that will take the "grind" out of running a property management business.And it means the chance to join a community of new and experienced operators, swapping tips, answering questions, and distilling best practices. An expert-led community and mentorship program that will guide you on your journey to property management success.So, I ask you, are you ready to join the ranks of the elite? Are you ready to take advantage of Peter's world-class, battle tested operating system?

The Brains

Discover the secret to success: Meet Peter, the property management guru for real estate agents

Allow me to introduce you to Peter.A man who has been an innovator and thought leader in the world of property management for over a decade. A man who has conquered the industry, with a growing empire of over 700 units under his command.But, I ask you, what is the true measure of success?Is it the number of units under management?NO, it is not!The true measure of success is the ability to step away, to take weeks off with no phone, no email and have the business continue to thrive in your absence.And my dear friends, this is exactly what Peter has accomplished.This is not a fluke, a stroke of luck, or mere happenstance.This is the result of hard work, determination and, most importantly, the ability to learn from one's mistakes.For you see, my friends, Peter has made every mistake in the book, but he has risen from the ashes of those mistakes to become the master of the industry.And now, for the first time, he wants to share his knowledge with you. So, I ask you, are you ready to learn from the best?Are you ready to join Peter on the path to property management success?


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